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Treating Sun-damage – Skin Cancer Symptoms

Queenslanders have one of the highest amounts of sun damage, sun spots & skin cancer symptoms due to the sunny climate we enjoy. Sun damage can manifest as red, scaly, persistent, rough spots or brown patches on exposed areas. Creams, lasers and photodynamic therapy can markedly reduce sun spots. Our doctors in Brisbane will find a solution for you.

Sun Damage Treatment 


Efudix for sunspots Efudix
Time tested treatment of sunspots and solar keratosis. Treatment laser for upto one months, however the end result can be excellent. Good for the occasional spot.
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Picato gel (Ingenol Mebutate) Picato
This treatment was derived from research in Brisbane. Much shorter than Efudix treatment- cream is applied over 3 days, and you will recover within a week. Only approved for the treatment of solar keratosisRead more


Fraxel for Sunspots Fraxel laser
The standout treatment for sunspots, with the only downside of costing. This laser removes sunspots, skin pigmentation, and wrinkles. Rejuvenates and repairs. Severe cases of sundamage will require a few treatmentsRead more
PDT for skin cancers and sunspots Photodynamic Therapy
Quick and convenient method to treat sun-spots and some types of skin cancer. Recovery is super quick- usually within a few days. PDT leaves less scarring compared to surgery.Read more


Aldara for sunspots and skin cancers Aldara cream for sunspots & skin cancers
A favourite amounts some skin cancer doctors, however this treatment take many weeks to months to complete. Aldara uses your immune system to fight sunspots and skin cancer.Read more
Cryotherapy for sunspots Cryotherapy – liquid nitrogen
This treatment is most frequently used to treat rough, dry, scaly areas of solar keratosis and sun spots. Recovery is within a few days, however most patients will require repeated treatments.Read more