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Skin Cancer Types Expalined by our Skin Cancer Specialist in Brisbane

Brisbane has one of the highest skin cancer rates in the World. One in three residents of the River City will develop some form of skin cancer, and at least 50% will develop solar keratoses by the age of 50. Visit our skin cancer specialist and get advice over skin cancer surgery.

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Skin Cancer Specialist

Melanoma Skin Cancer Melanoma
Brisbane has one of the highest rates of melanomas in the World. Early diagnosis by our skin cancer specialists can make all the difference
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BCC’s – Basal Cell Cancers Basal cell cancer
BCCs are common cancers, 1 in 3 Australians will develop a BCC in their life time. Early BCC are treatable without surgery
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Squamous cell cancer Squamous cell cancer
SCCs occur in 10% of Australia’s population and have a good prognosis if picked up early. They resemble warts
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IEC or Bowen’s disease IEC or Bowen’s disease
These skin cancers grow relatively slowly and present as persistent red patches, most commonly seen on sun exposed areas.
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Dysplastic Naevi or moles Dysplastic Moles
Abnormal looking moles are called dysplastic naevi. They can be associated with a family history of moles. The more dysplastic moles you have, the higher the chances of developing a melanoma
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Solar keratosis – sun spots Solar keratosis –sun spots
Nearly half of all residents living in Brisbane/ Queeenland will have sun spots or solar keratosis. Treatments such as freezing, creams, PDT and laser can be very effective for removing sunspots.
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Actinic chelitis – sun-damaged lips Actinic chelitis – sundamaged lips
Is a form of sundamage on your lips. Very common in Queensland, and present as rought, dry, scaly areas. This can be considered as pre-cancerous however treateable by laser.
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Maligna(melanoma in-situ) Lentigo Maligna Melanoma
Is a form of slow growing early melanoma. Most commonly they present as black-brown flat mole-like areas, occasionally they maybe red. Early diagnosis will lead to cure.
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Keratoacanthomas Keratoacanthomas
KAs are very commonly seen in Brisbane- Queensland due to UV exposure. They are a form of skin cancer occurring on sun exposed parts. Early treatment ensures they are completely removed.
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