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Protecting Your Skin– Skin Cancer Prevention

If you live in a sunny climate like Brisbane or reside in Queensland, chances are you would have seen a lot of sun and UV over the years. Protecting your skin and reversing pre-existing damage is very important. This can reduce your chances of developing sun spots, actinic keratosis, and skin cancers. Hats, sunscreens, and active vitamins such as Vitamin A and AHA peels can all help.   Important facts on protection and skin cancer prevention Birsbane.

  • Sun avoidance between the hours of 10-2 is important
  • Always wear a broad brimmed hat during sun exposure
  • Always apply lip balm and SPF 50+ sunscreen twice a day
  • Mild sun damage can be reversed with vitamin A creams and sunscreen
  • Moderate to severe sun damage can be reversed with laser treatment and chemical peels
  • Developing a daily regime of sunprotection, sunscreen and Vitamins for your skin can help reduce future damage, and can prevent or reduce skin cancer development

Can sunscreens prevent or reduce the incidence of skin cancer?

UV protection for kidsSunscreen use is the cornerstone skin care regime in the lives of everyday Australians due to the high risk of skin cancer and other damage to the skin caused by the sun’s rays.


UVA and UVB are forms of radiation emitted by the sun. These two forms of ultraviolet radiation are significant due to two main reasons: 1) they reach the skin 2) they have damaging effects on the skin. Choosing a correct sunscreen for your skin type and use is the key factor to effective photoprotection. Sunscreen use has been shown to decrease both sun damage, and reduce the incidence of non-melanoma skin cancers.


Apply sunscreen twice a day, 15-20 minutes before sun-exposure. Skin Cancer doctors endorse the use of La Roche Posay sunscreens.

Can vitamin A creams reduce sun damage?

anti-acne creams gold coastYes. Studies have shown that vitamin A, retinol, retinoic acid and various forms of ‘retinoids’ can reduce or even reverse sun damage. Active vitamin A creams have to be compounded or prescribed by your skin cancer doctor or dermatologist. Each patient should have a tailored mix of vitamin A cream, as putting too much cream can result in skin irritation

What type of chemical peel is best for sun-damaged skin?

Chemical peels for sundamageAHA or alpha hydroxy acids are best for sun damage skin, especially mild to moderate sun damage. They are best conducted by Specialist Dermatologists. AHA peels are also known as lunch time peels- no downtime peels. Patients will need a series of 5-7 peels over weeks to months for best results.


If your sun damage is very severe, you may benefit from a highly specialised peel called a medium depth TCA peel. This is conducted by Dr Davin S. Lim, Laser Dermatologist.


With the invention of Fraxel 1927 laser, most ‘peel cases’ are now treated with laser. Laser is less painful, equally as effective, and has less downtime compared to old fashioned TCA peels.


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Why is it important to see a skin cancer doctor on a regular basis?

mole scan brisbaneIf you are at high risk, picking up skin cancer early can be life saving!

High risk patients should see a skin cancer doctor every 3-6 months, especially if you have a personal or family history of melanoma.


High risk patients include-

  • Patients with a previous history of skin cancer
  • Family history of skin cancer, especially melanoma
  • History of sun exposure or sun burn
  • Multiple moles- especially unusual or dysplastic moles
  • If you burn easily or have lots of freckles

How can I help myself in skin protection and skin cancer detection?

Self skin checkAustralia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. One in two Australians will develop skin cancer each year. The answer to this is to be sun smart, see a doctor regularly and undertake routine self skin checks.

It is strongly recommended that you examine your own skin every two to three months to get into a routine along with your yearly skin check by your GP, skin cancer specialist or Dermatologist. Examination is recommended monthly if you have a known history of skin cancer.

A self check exam can be an excellent method of early detection of skin cancer.

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Can laser treatment of my skin reduce the amount of sun damage?

fraxel dermatologistYes, new forms of laser therapy know was FRACTIONAL lasers can reduce sun damage and solar keratosis.


Laser treatment with Fraxel can be extremely successful in reducing sunspots. Treatments are very well tolerated, and on average takes only 30 minutes to perform. Healing occurs within days of treatment.  Another positive effect is skin rejuvenation (decrease in pigmentation, liver spots, and fine wrinkles).


Depending on the amount of sun damage, patients will require between 1- 3 Fraxel laser sessions


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What daily regime is best for people who have had lots of UV damage?

best sunscreen buyLike brushing your teeth, looking after your skin is equally important.


  • Wear sunscreen twice a day. We recommend La Roche Posay
  • Use an active Vitamin A cream daily
  • Incorporate AHAs into your skin care regime
  • Wear hats and UV protective clothing
  • Apply lip balm as often as you can