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Omega 3 and Skin Cancer

Posted On: Oct 29, 2013

How does omega-3 impact my skin?


Omega-3 are revealed to offer an effective protection against many forms of cancer including

skin cancer.

A study lead on 79 healthy people showed that taking omega-3 doses regularly benefits your

immune system against UVB. It is assumed omega-3 offers a potential protection against

skin cancer.

This study was the first lead directly on people.

In some instances, sun exposure annihilates the immune system, or decreases its efficiency

to protect one’s body. However, the study shows that people consuming omega-3 had more

efficient immune system.

Sunlight is essential for the synthesis of vitamin D. However, prolonged exposure can present

a risk of developing a skin cancer. The study seems to demonstrate the benefit of consuming

omega-3 supplements as increasing our immune system and decreasing skin damage due to

sunlight over exposure.

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