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Mole Map – by Dermatologists

MoleMap is the worlds most advanced melanoma skin cancer detection program. It is designed to protect you and your family from the deadly effects of melanoma skin cancer by diagnosing it at the earliest possible stage.

With over 30.000 patients seen yearly, MoleMap is leading the way in melanoma detection. Mole Map Clinics work in with your GP, Specialist Dermatologist and Skin Cancer Doctor to provide added screening and mapping of your moles. Contact us for a skin cancer test in Brisbane!

Important facts on Mole Map by Dermatologists

  • Mole mapping is a way to keep track of your moles by computerized and digital screening
  • Mole mapping and screening uses both total body photography and the latest in subsurface dermatoscopic imaging
  • Mapping moles can detect changes at the very earliest level, and provides a record of what your moles look like
  • This service not only monitors your moles, but can also detect skin cancers such as melanomas, basal cell cancers, and squamous cell cancers
  • Ideal candidates for mole mapping are patients who have many moles, suspicious moles, a family history of skin cancer
  • Mole mapping can provide extra peace of mind for patients who are concerned about changing moles
  • Mole Map is run by Specialist Nurses, working in with Specialist Dermatologists who undertake ‘mole reading’
  • Mole Map adds another level of screening for high risk patients- working in with your GP, Skin Cancer Specialists, Dermatologist, and Plastic Surgeon for best patient outcomes
  • Mole Map is located in most capital cities in Australia, including Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne

What happens if a suspicious mole is found?

mole scan brisbaneYour general practitioner or referring doctor will decide on the appropriate course of action based on the dermatologist recommendations and organise the treatment as necessary. It is important that you contact your doctor immediately to organise an appointment if you require treatment.