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Skin Cancer Treatments – Melanoma Symptoms

My Skin Cancer Clinics Brisbane employ a selected team of experienced skin cancer doctors and nurses to give Gold standard skin cancer & melanoma symptoms screening and treatments. We use a number of methods to cure skin cancer, including surgery, Photodynamic Therapy, laser and the latest creams. Treatments are tailored for the type of skin cancer and location, ensuring minimal scarring.

Surgery for Skin Cancer Surgery for skin cancer
Our Skin Cancer Specialists are highly trained in surgical techniques for the treatment of skin cancers. We take pride in our work, and skill.
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Flaps, Grafts and skin cancer Flaps, Grafts and skin cancer
Large skin cancer that occur in tricky areas may require advanced and complex surgery and closures. My Skin Cancer doctors are trained in using flaps and grafts.
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Laser for skin cancer Lasers for skin cancer
Resurfacing lasers such as the Erbium, CO2 or Fraxel can be alternatives to creams and surgery to treat both skin cancer and sun damage. My Skin Cancer Doctors will assess and advise you in regards to this treatment.
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Scar revision following surgery Scar revision following surgery
My Skin Cancer Doctors will advise you on scar revision techniques, such as laser resurfacing. Our team works with laser dermatologists to give the very best possible scar results following skin cancer removal
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Creams for skin cancer Creams for skin cancer
Creams can be used to treat some forms of superficial and non-aggressive skin cancers. Cream treatment of skin cancer
and sun-spots results in less scarring compared to surgery.
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Radiotherapy for skin cancer Radiotherapy for skin cancer
Our Skin Cancer Specialists work in with Radiation Oncologist for the treatment of large or aggressive skin cancers. Skin cancers are very sensitive to radiation treatment.
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