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Manicures and Skin Cancer

Posted On: Oct 29, 2013

Are beautiful nails worth a cancer?

A recent study shows that women having such treatments could increase risks of developing skin cancer. It seems that the gel used in nail salons involved the used of an ultraviolet similar to the one used in tanning beds. This ultraviolet is known to cause melanoma, which can be deadly.
UV light can also cause many other skin-related problems such as spots and wrinkles.
The danger raises from the frequency people are exposed to UV light.


Artificial UV light presents a serious risk of developing a skin cancer. It seems that during a gel manicure, one’s hands are exposed to artificial UV light for up to 10 minutes.
Prior studies also linked skin cancer to UV artificial light used in manicure salons. In 2009 a case of two women repeatedly exposed to UV light during manicure treatment developed skin cancer.
Ladies, if you enjoy having a manicure and pedicure be mindful of the risk and make sure to have regular skin check.

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