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DVA- Veteran Affairs

My Skin Cancer Centre is proud to offer their services to the Department of Veteran Affairs. DVA patients are entitled to services providing they hold a White Card for skin-related issues, or a Gold Card. All skin cancer treatments are covered under DVA. Our staff can arrange the necessary transport to and from the clinic if required.

Important facts on DVA, skin cancer and you

  • Veterans have a higher rate of skin cancer than the normal population
  • If you hold a White Card for Skin or a Gold Card, DVA has recognised that your sun-damage is possibly service related
  • DVA patients have no out of pocket expense for skin cancer treatments including surgery and mole checks
  • DVA patients are entitled to checks by both Skin Cancer Doctors and by Specialist Dermatologists
  • My Skin Clinic will organise any pre-approvals as well as transport to and from the clinic
  • Book in for a skin check with our doctors- you have earned it

What type of DVA card do I need to be covered for skin cancer treatments?

skin cancer DVAVeterans maybe entitled to skin related treatment at My Skin Clinics, providing that you hold either a White Card for Skin, or a Gold Card. This entitles you to have treatment under the DVA scheme. All treatments are covered under this scheme.

What does a WHITE CARD for skin mean?

veteran skin cancer checkThis means you maybe entitled to treatment for skin cancers under DVA. Check with your DVA office if this covers condition such as skin cancers.

What treatments are covered under DVA?

pdt skin cancers

The majority of treatments are covered under the Department of Veteran Affairs Act providing your hold the correct card. This entitles you to services such as skin cancer screening, cryotherapy, skin cancer surgery and state of the art treatments such as PDT or Photodynamic Therapy and newer topical treatment.


You are also entitled to services provided by BOTH Skin Cancer Doctors AND Specialist Dermatologists.

What treatments are not covered under DVA?

veteran affairs skin check brisbane

Some treatments are not covered under DVA, even if you hold the correct Card for skin related issues.


Treatments NOT covered under the Department of Veteran Affairs include-


  • Cosmetic skin treatments including facial rejuvenation or BOTOX
  • Laser for sun-damage using the FRAXEL 1927 laser


*Note however, that PDT or Photodynamic Therapy is covered under DVA.


More on Photodynamic therapy for skin cancers

How do I apply for a DVA entitlement?

DVA skin cancer doctorIf you have served with the Department of Defence, you maybe entitled to a White or Gold Card. You will need to speak to DVA to arrange for an assessment by an Advocate. Based upon your service history, occupational history and service dates, you maybe granted a card that entitles you to treatment under the Department of Veteran affairs act.

This process may take a few months to process.

How do I make an appointment to see a Specialist Dermatologist for my skin cancers?

As a WHITE or GOLD Card holder, you are also entitled to see a Specialist Dermatologist for your skin. Our Skin Cancer doctors can arrange an appointment to visit a Dermatologist, as we work closely with Specialist to provide you with the best possible team orientated service.