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Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention – Mole Check

Detection and prevention is better than cure. Our skin cancer doctors in Brisbane employ the latest in state of the art dermatoscopic and photographic equipment to keep track of moles, and to diagnosis the earliest changes of skin cancer. contact us for more information about a skin cancer diagnosis, screening test and more in Brisbane.


Protecting Your Skin– Skin Cancer Prevention Protecting your skin
Hats, and sunscreens forms the basis of sun protection in Queensland, however creams such as Vitamin A and Alpha hydroxy acids can help protect and reverse sundamage.
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DVA- Veteran Affairs DVA- Veteran Affairs
My Skin Cancer Clinic doctors are DVA certified to provide treatments to our Veterans, including skin checks, and surgery. We also arrange transportation. DVA patients have no out of pocket charges.
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Sunscreens Sunscreens
Are vital in Queensland. Always wear broad spectrum sunscreen twice a day. Our Specialists endorse La Roche Posay – especially for the Sunshine State
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Sun safety tips-Protecting your children Sun safety tips- Protecting your children
Sun safety starts in childhood. Hats and sunscreens are vital if you are brought up in Queensland. Moles develop in childhood. Melanomas are rare, however changing moles should always be examined.
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Self-examination Self-examination
Simple self skin checks can detect changing moles and potential skin cancers. Learn how a self skin mole check every few months can potentially save your life
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Mole Map – by Dermatologists Mole Map –by Dermatologists
This is Gold Standard photography and dermascopy aimed at skin surveillance for high risk patients or patients with multiple moles. Digital-computer photography at the highest resolution.

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Dermascopy Dermascopy
Is a specialized technique of eamining moles to detect the earliest changes of melanoma. It can also be used to detect other forms of skin cancer. Our doctors are highly trained in this technique
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