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About Skin Cancer Clinic

My Skin Cancer Centre skin cancer clinic

Skin cancer accounts for 80% of all cancers in Australia. Living in the Sunshine State of Queensland will increase your risk of developing skin cancers – in fact, 50% of Queenslanders will have skin cancer at some stage of their life.

At My Skin Cancer Centre skin cancer clinic, we take skin cancer seriously. Our doctors are well respected general practitioners who have all received extensive training in the diagnosis and both surgical and non-surgical management of skin cancer. Our passionate team in Brisbane is specialised in the treatment and prevention of skin cancer.

We have state-of-the-art facilities including dermatoscopes,  on-site operating theatres and have access to Photodynamic Therapy and various lasers.

A 15 minute skin check can be life saving

No referral required.

The Team:


Dr. Kathy Myers 
Dr Myers has 25 years experience in Medicine, and has been providing skin cancer diagnosis and treatment on the Gold Coast for nearly 17 years. She is committed to ensuring the highest standard of care in the management of skin cancer and sun related damage for all at the primary care level.