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Coffee and Skin Cancer

Posted On: Oct 29, 2013

Is coffee a skin cancer remedy?

A new study shows coffee can reduce the risk of skin cancer. The research induces that people

drinking at least three coffees a day present 20% less risk of developing a skin cancer.

The study was lead on 113,000 people who all drink three or more cups of coffee a day. Basal

cell carcinoma was 20% less among this population in comparison to people who did not

drink any coffee at all.

skin cancer remedy

One hypothesis is that caffeine eliminates damaged skin cells. The harmful cells are

destroyed and drained out of the body, and they cannot develop into cancer.

However, excessive coffee consumption can present a danger to one’s health.

It is rather advised to naturally expose one’s skin to unfiltered sunlight for up to half an hour

a day.

Nonetheless, since caffeine increase the odd against skin cancer, it is possible to see more and

more sunscreens containing caffeine.

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